World Health Organization App Call For Developers - LLamada urgente para desarrolladores voluntarios

Si tenéis experiencia en desarrollo de Apps y queréis colaborar voluntariamente:

Here is an urgent, global need for an official WHO App to help contain and mitigate COVID-19. The app should support the WHO efforts and be available on a worldwide basis, with information tailored to the user’s location, culture and language. The app should also be sensitive to national needs and respect privacy. Once established, the system can be leveraged to proactively detect, respond early and prevent future pandemics.

The initial focus is on delivering a v0.1:

  • an app for individuals (non-healthcare providers, non-public health people)
  • for Android and iOS
  • across the six WHO languages: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian
  • that delivers WHO-approved information and advice for the public
  • and offers WHO-approved guidance in response to “What should I do based on my symptoms?”

and exiting this phase with a functioning team and infrastructure to rapidly iterate the app into something far more useful for the current pandemic.

If you’re interested in joining in the effort, please see the ONBOARDING docs.



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